Manually adding third-party libraries to an Xcode project can be a difficult and tedious process. If even one linker flag, build phase, or framework import is off, the process could fail.

CocoaPods are a must for any serious iOS project. Why reinvent the wheel when the community has produced robust and feature-rich plugins? However, one can get easily overwhelmed with the amount of choices out there.

So in this post, We’d like to highlight the best CocoaPods w’ve used in real-world project, which are aggregated to subjects.


A. System

  1. Logging

  2. Encryption

  3. Networking

  4. Databases

  5. DeepLink

  6. AppSetting

  7. Fonts

  8. Colors

  9. Images

  10. Audios

  11. Datetime

  12. JS


  1. Layouts

  2. Tabbar

  3. Navigation

  4. Menus

  5. Forms

  6. Buttons

  7. Toast/Alerts/Progress

  8. Keyboard

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